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Quebec nordiques The franchise was originally awarded to a group in san francisco, as the san francisco sharks.However, the san francisco group's funding collapsed prior to the start of the first season, and the wha hastily sold the organization to a quebec city-Based group headed by paul racine and marcel aubut.They were named the nordiques because they were one of the northernmost teams in professional sports in north america. The nordiques' first head coach was the legendary maurice"Rocket"Richard but he only lasted one game, a 3-2 loss to the Cleveland Crusaders.Tremblay, who led the wha in assists in the league's first season and would be named a league all-Star for his first four years in quebec.The next season serge bernier and rejean houle joined the nordiques.In 1974-75, they finally made the playoffs with the help of the high-Scoring marc tardif.They beat the phoenix roadrunners and the minnesota fighting saints to reach the finals, where they were swept in four games by the gordie howe-Led houston aeros. The next season saw playoff disappointment as the nordiques lost to the calgary cowboys after losing marc tardif to injury after a controversial hit by the cowboys' rick jodzio.The nordiques finally captured the avco world trophy in 1976-77 as they took out the New England Whalers and the Indianapolis Racers in five games before beating the Winnipeg Jets in seven.They represented canada at the izvestia hockey tournament in moscow, finishing last with an 0-3-1 record. By 1978, the wha was on shaky ground, and aubut, by then the team's president under ownership of the carling-O'keefe brewery, began putting out feelers to the nhl.The nordiques were unable to defend their title and fell in the playoffs to the new england whalers.Tremblay, who retired at the end of the season and had his number 3 jersey retired. The 1980sedit The wha insisted on including all of its surviving canadian teams, including the nordiques, among the teams taken into the nhl at the end of the 1978-79 season.As a result, the nordiques entered the nhl along with the whalers, oilers and jets. North Face Sale Forced to let all but three players go in a dispersal draft, the nordiques sunk to the bottom of the standings.They finished the 1979-80 NHL season last in their division despite the play of promising rookie left winger Michel Goulet.An early highlight to the otherwise dreary season came when real cloutier became the second(Following alex smart)Nhl player ever to score a hat trick in his first nhl game. In 1980 the nordiques signed anton stastny, a member Of the czechoslovak national team, and a nordiques' draft choice, who defected earlier that year.His brothers, peter and marian, would soon follow and also sign with quebec.The following season, led by peter stastny's 109-Point calder trophy-Winning performance, the nordiques made the nhl playOffs for the first time, but fell in the best-Of-Five opening round in five games to the philadelphia flyers. Led by goulet and peter stastny, the nordiques made the playoffs eight years in a row.In 1981-82, despite notching only 82 points in the regular season, they defeated the Montreal Canadiens and then the Boston Bruins, both in winner-Take-All games on the road.Their cinderella run ended when they were swept by the new york islanders in the conference finals. The rivalry with the montreal canadiens intensified during the 1983-84 NHL season culminating in the infamous"Vendredi saint"Brawl during the 1984 playoffs.The habs scored five unanswered goals in the third period of game 6 at the montreal forum to eliminate the nordiques.The goals all came after peter stastny and dale hunter were ejected in the brawl. In 1984-85, Montreal and Quebec battled for the Adams Division championship.The nordiques finished with 91 points, at the time their highest point total as an nhl team.However, the habs won the division by three points-Solidified by a 7-1 Canadiens trashing of the Nordiques at The Forum in the final week of the regular season.The nordiques would exact revenge in the adams finals with a seven-Game victory, which was clinched by peter stastny's overtime goal at the forum.They then took the powerful philadelphia flyers, who had the league's best record, to six games. They won their first nhl division title in 1985-86, but a defensive collapse in the playoffs allowed the Hartford Whalers North Face Jackets Outlet to sweep the Nordiques in three games. The next season saw more of the nords-Habs rivalry as the playoff series went to seven games, with the canadiens coming out on top.In that same season, when quebec hosted rendez-Vous '87, an alteration of the all-Star game to include the soviet national team, the nordiques became the first nhl team to employ a costumed mascot when badaboum-A fuzzy, roly-Poly blue creature-Began entertaining fans at the colisée with his bizarre dance routines.Badaboum was created for rendez-Vous, but created such a following that the nordiques made it a permanent fixture at home games. Decline began the following season.The nordiques finished last in their division and missed the playoffs for the first time in eight Years.In 1988-89 they had the league's worst record.The arrival of hall of famer guy lafleur in 1989 came with much fanfare, but it soon became clear lafleur's best Years were far behind him. "The flower"Managed only 24 goals in 98 games with quebec over two seasons, but the 38-Year-Old was still among the team's best players while receiving diminished ice time.The nords finished with only 12 wins and 31 points. Both michel goulet and peter stastny were traded in 1990, winding up with the chicago blackhawks and new jersey devils respectively.Despite the stellar play of young forward joe sakic, the nordiques struggled throughout the late '80s and early '90s.They hit rock bottom in 1989-90, finishing with a hideous record of 12-61-7--The worst in franchise history, and the second of three straight seasons with the worst record in the league.However, in that year's draft they drafted swedish prospect mats sundin, making him the first european to be selected first overall in the nhl draft.The following year quebec chose first again, taking owen nolan. The 1990sedit In 1991 the nordiques once again had the first overall pick in the nhl entry draft.The best player in that year's draft, eric lindros, repeatedly said he would never play for quebec, but the nords picked him anyway.As a result, lindros refused to wear the team jersey on draft day, and only held it for press photographs.Lindros, on advice of his mother bonnie, refused to sign with the team and began a holdout that would last over a year.Meanwhile, the nordiques finished with another dreadful season in 1991-92, missing the 70-Point barrier for the fifth year in a row. Finally on june 30, 1992, after confusion over whether quebec had traded lindros' rights to the philadelphia flyers or new york rangers was settled, the nordiques sent lindros to the flyers in exchange for forward mike ricci, goaltender ron hextall, defencemen steve duchesne and kerry huffman,"Future considerations" (Eventually became enforcer chris simon), two first-Round picks and us$15 million.One of the draft picks was used by the nordiques to select goaltender jocelyn thibault, the other was traded twice and ultimately used by the washington capitals to select nolan baumgartner.Also in the trade were the rights to a swedish teenage prospect named peter forsberg.The deal-Probably the single most significant nhl transaction of the entire decade-Transformed the nordiques from league doormats to a legitimate stanley cup contender almost overnight. During the 1992-93 NHL season, these new players, along with Sakic-Now a bona fide nhl all-Star-And the rapidly developing sundin and nolan, led quebec to the biggest single-Season improvement in nhl history.The nordiques jumped from 52 points in the previous year to 104--In the process, going from the second-Worst record in the league to the fourth-Best.They made the playoffs for the first time in six seasons, but fell to the eventual stanley cup champion canadiens in the first round.They would miss the playoffs the next season as they struggled with injuries. The lindros deal is a strong contender for one of the most one-Sided trades not merely in nhl history, but professional sports history.Forsberg won the calder memorial trophy in 1995, his first season with the nordiques, and would be one of the cornerstones of the nordiques/avalanche franchise for almost a decade.Ricci would give three useful seasons to the franchise before being traded, while hextall was moved after a single season to the new york islanders.In return, the franchise got two draft picks, which they used to select adam deadmarsh and alex tanguay, north face body warmer who would both be key members of the avalanche cup-Winning teams.Thibault would, after the franchise shift to denver, be traded for montreal goalie patrick roy.

north face coats sell at a lower price

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Price buyers drive poor chinese product quality A personal theory on chinese product quality It's time i write down some thoughts on chinese product quality;It's something i have said many times but it has never made it to paper(Guess this blog doesn't count as paper either).Generally, speaking the quality of a large and growing number of products produced in china have achieved international quality standards.This is especially true of products produced by multinational companies operating in china and many upper-Tier chinese companies.And, chinese product quality will only get better.If you look though, you can still find"Substandard"In many things produced in china.I spot quality deficiencies all the time and everywhere here in china. A mechanical engineer in my former life, my sensitivity to good design and manufacture is higher than the average bloke's.So i am not talking without good foundation.As i see it, several factors working together have contribute to poor quality chinese products.I take a look at some of those factors in this post. Western buyers' low price demands(Shame on 'walmart') Even before my first trip to chinaIn1997, i began to notice the increasing number of chinese made products being soldInthe us many of which were of very poor quality.I remember once looking at dumb Bell weightsIna now defunct us chain store called fedco.The weights were cast iron and very inexpensive.Eager to learn more, i picked one up only to have the"Bell"In"Dumb bell fall off. the dumb Bell literally broke apartInmy hands, and so did the other two or three I examined.Thank god i wasn't on the bench press when that happened. Now i am sure that to the fedco buyer purchasing the dumb bells, it seemed like an easy choice.Mean, how can they possibly screw up a dumb bell?And the price, my gosh, this is a no brainer.On the surface, a dumb bell from china looks like any other dumb bell.But to an engineer from the"World best dumb bell manufacturer" (Whoever that might be), a good dumb bell and a poor one are worlds apart in design and manufacture.The good dumb bell is designed for durability and safety and may have taken years of trial and error to develop. Making a good dumb bell requires a certain structural design, correct and consistent material, and a stable contamination free casting process.These are the very things lacking in a second-Rate chinese dumb bell plant and the reason the selling price is so low.It's simple math:If you remove high cost items from the manufacturing process, you can north face coats sell at a lower price.Unfortunately, the american buyer was so excited about reducing the cost to purchase he or she forgot about functionality.In that same fedco i found third rate pipe wrenches, hammers, and other simple tools, all made in china and undoubtedly all purchased by fedco at a very low price. Consider how many times we buy things now at home depot only to have them break or wear out long before they should.It didn use to be this way.How many screw heads have you had snap that shouldn have?How many bathroom fixtures have you purchased recently that corroded in a matter of months whereas the same products of the past could go for 10 to 20 years without incidence.How many cheap electronic gadgets have you bought only to find they don really work well enough to use.For all these inconveniences, you can thank the ruthless price driven western buyers. Western buyers send their samples to china then pound the chinese manufactures to produce the same at insanely low prices.Of course, no chinese boss is going to let an order slip by so they find a way to meet the demands of the buyer.They cut corners, even more corners than they gardeningproductsuk normally do.The product is manufactured, ships say to the us and is sold to some poor Bloke(Yes,"Bloke"Is common in england)Like you or me who couldn resist the low price.The product breaks after which most of us write it off as costing much anyway of substandard practices leading to poor quality Here is a quick list of factors that can lead to poor quality.We could go on all day, but i think you get the point (Image deleted.Visit china street dog blog) Pic 1:On the surface it looks like any other jungle gym. (Image deleted.Visit china street dog blog) Pic 2:Actually, this chinese produced copy has many design weaknesses.With only a few years run time, it's international counterparts would show virtually no signs of decay.This particular unit has visible signs of corrosion(Dissimilar metals and poor quality paint), loose clamps and discolored oxidized plastic parts after only 4 years. Western buyers have fueled the trend toward low price low quality products.Western consumers, especially americans, have played their part by continuing to buy substandard products and not complaining enough when things don work out so well(We all seem to have adopted a throw-Away mentality).To the chinese, well, they are just taking orders and you can't really blame them.It's kind of like the theory about illegal drug manufacture and distribution-I basically agree that if we were able to kill demand, the market, manufacturers and many of mexico's problems would all go away. In summary, know that many chinese products have moved up the quality ladder and are now world class.The chinese are ambitious and learn fast;Chinese quality will continue to improve and even surpass that of many western rivals.The chinese still have a ways to go and in the meantime those chinese manufacturers will continue to produce products that are only bu duo(Or less the same-Really less)Largely to meet our demands. I started my career as an aerospace engineer with ford aerospace in california back in 1985.From there with mba in hand, i ventured into technical sales for w.L. Gore Associates beforeLanding in China in early 1997 to manage Gore's Asia-Pacific business.In 2003, i setup and am now running china sage consultants based in shanghai, china. Tops in china sales support since 2003! China sage consultants offers full sales and business development outsourcing for us b2b engineered product companies seeking to enter china and sell in china.Our china sales incubator program provides everything needed to sell, market and establish a long-Term china presence-Program provides same as own rep office in china.China sales incubator is minimal-Cost, high-Results and virtually no-Risk.Select recruiting and other consulting support available.

north face jacket pots and pans is if you are

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Pot pan basics ladypens Just as any good carpenter requires the right tools to get the job done, so does a cook require the right tools in this case pots and pans.We don realize it, but pots and pans have a lot to do with the type of foods we cook and the quality and ease of creating these meals.If you are looking to maximize your meals and cooking experience, here are some north face body warmer hints on the precise pots and pans to use. All families can benefit from a high quality pot and pan set Today pots and pans can generally last numerous years even with continual use, so it is definitely worth the extra money to buy a high quality pot and pan set that won give you problems for many years, instead of a set that can save a couple of hundred dollars momentarily but will lose their value in half the time.While you don need a signature pot and pan set, look around and comparison shop.You will be pleasantly at how affordable a high quality pot and pan set can be. You don have to be a master chef to use a wide selection of pots and pans in your home.No matter if you are an occasional chef or cook meals every day, a wide array of pots and pans is a good investment.Every good set should have at least two types of sauce pans, usually 1 quart or 1.5/2 quart with lids, two varieties of skillets and baking casserole dishes.While each pot and pan set can vary, choose the one that most closely fits your cooking style. Definitely, one of the greatest inventions in cooking has been the non stick pan and while there are a couple varieties of non stick surface types, they all are generally great at saving you time and energy cleaning up the mess.One of the ways to maximize your cooking surface, especially if it is a non stick pot or pan is to use plastic or soft edged wooden utensils.Never scratch the non stick surface and never use any kind of metal to scrape at the pot or pan.This will significantly decrease the life and effectiveness of the non stick pot or pan. Add some style to your kitchen One of the great reasons to buy a new set of north face jacket pots and pans is if you are redecorating your kitchen.There are so many options for pots and pans and with so many types of colors, finishes, materials and designs available, you can simply accent your kitchen with a lovely set of pots and pans. While often neglected, pots and pans are one of the most crucial accessories in your house.Whether you cook a one day a week or several, the better the tools of the trade, the higher quality and more simple your meals will be to create. Last 5 posts by christine steendahlcream cheese lovers unite-June 10th, 2008fun easter meal tips-June 10th, 2008oh no!I don't have any.Read our full terms of service.

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